About Stocks & Taylor Construction

At Stocks & Taylor we believe that a solid combination of construction management, design-build, and competitive bid methods provide a broad spectrum of project experience and market knowledge that will continually benefit our clients. We offer a wide range of construction capabilities including educational, medical and religious facilities, retail and industrial buildings and historic renovations.

One of our strongest capabilities is our ability to connect with our clients — being engaged in a project, understanding our client’s needs, and focusing on a successful outcome — is what makes Stocks & Taylor different!


Pre-Construction Services

Understanding our clients’ goals and expectations from the beginning provides a solid basis for sound decision making. Stocks & Taylor firmly believes that the foundation of a successful construction project is built on a thorough, forward-thinking pre-construction process.

Each project decision from the design, to cost, to scheduling is considered and benefits the project’s overall goals. We want to eliminate surprises as much as possible and provide our clients with predictable outcomes every time. This effort is driven by a Stocks & Taylor team that rolls up its sleeves, digs into the details, and provides the best possible results.

Pre-construction services include accurate estimating and cost savings analysis, along with detailed scheduling. These set the stage for a comprehensive plan which ensures the overall success of a project.

Stocks & Taylor prides ourselves in engaging with our clients, understanding their needs, and translating them into a final facility sure to meets their goals, budget, and schedule.


In the Design-Build process, Stocks & Taylor acts as a single contact to provide both design and construction services for a client’s project. By providing one point of accountability, our clients enjoy the benefits a streamlined experience from initial project concept through completion with the roles of designer and builder being fully integrated.

By taking this approach, our team is allowed to collaborate in ways that achieve innovative results with speed, efficiency, and minimal risk. This common-sense approach fosters collaboration, keeps projects within budget parameters, and achieves our clients’ goals. The Stock & Taylor Design-Build team’s goal is to provide a well-designed, high quality, functionally and operationally-efficient building delivered in a cost effective and timely manner.

Our high standards and commitment to excellence ensures a successful outcome for our clients. As initiative-taking construction partners, known for our honesty, integrity, and out can‐do attitude, our experience speaks for itself.

Construction Management Services

From simple to complex construction projects, you can rely on the experienced professionals at Stocks & Taylor. We are dedicated to delivering excellence every time.

We believe that the role of the Construction Manager is that of a partner – one who engages in your project and works collaboratively with the project team to achieve your desired outcome.

Our honest, direct approach creates trust and is essential to forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. The foundation of these relationships is based on a solution-oriented, transparent, and collaborative approach to every project and with every project team.

Stocks & Taylor values the collective knowledge of each of the stakeholders in the process, and we are firm believers that for a project to be successful, teamwork is essential.

Post-Construction Services

Throughout our history, Stocks & Taylor has received steady, repeat business and referrals from clients and partners who know that our service does not end with their project is complete. We are proactive construction partners, known for our honest and integrity.

During post-construction we provide all approval and inspections, warranties and guarantees, remediations, repairs and adjustments. If any problems arise, we are just one phone call away. We stand behind our work. We are not 100% satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied.

We have worked hard on your project. The Stocks & Taylor team has been building quality into your project every step of the way, allowing these final days to flow as seamlessly as possible.